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Computer Policy

Computers are filtered to comply with Children’s Internet Protection Act. If you need unfiltered access to an appropriate web site, please ask a librarian. The library is a public place and the library staff has the authority to END AN ONLINE SESSION WHEN MATERIAL DEEMED INAPPROPRIATE is displayed on screen.

Computer users must not violate any Federal, State or local laws or regulations, including copyright laws. Users of the Internet computers shall respect the rights of others by not representing themselves as another person or engaging in any activity which is disruptive to other library users.

Computer users shall not alter, damage or destroy any equipment, software or files belonging to the library or another user. Violation of any of the above library regulations will result in SUSPENSION OF INTERNET ACCESS PRIVILEGES.

ALL COMPUTERS will be SHUTDOWN 15 minutes prior to the library’s closing.

PRINTOUTS cost .15 CENTS PER PAGE for Black and White and $1.00 per page for Color to cover the cost of paper and toner. You must pay even if you use YOUR OWN PAPER. If you have problems printing, please see a librarian.