Public Fax

You can send a FAX with our self service FAX Kiosk machine or on the Fax Scan 24  web site

FAX service can be paid by debit or credit cards, or by purchasing a prepaid card at the Circulation Desk.  Faxing costs $1.75 per page and $1.00 for each additional page when sending to a U.S. number.

Public Fax service is available at Weaver and Riverside.



FaxScan24 offers online faxing for a fee

Select “Send a Fax from your Device”
o   The cost is 99 cents for the 1st page and 49 cents for each additional page
o   Text confirmation regarding the status is an additional 49 cents. Or call FaxScan24 (888-271-5666) for verbal confirmation or check their website to view the status. If you have the document in hand, iOS users have a built in scanner on their iPhone and iPad.
·      Open the Notes app
·      Create a new note
·      Click on the camera
·      Choose Scan Document
·      Option to edit
·      Save