Student Research

Providence Journal Archives 
This source will retrieve the full text of locally generated articles from the Providence Journal from 1983 to the present.  It does not include obituaries that were printed the last several years.

Masterfile Premier
This database indexes nearly 1,700 general interest magazines with full text information dating as far back as 1975. It also contains full text for nearly 500 reference books and over 164,400 primary source documents, as well as an image collection of over 500,000 photos, maps & flags.

Academic Search Elite
This database provides full text for more than 4,600 journals, including full text for nearly 3,900 peer-reviewed titles.

TOPICsearch contains full text for over 60,000 articles from 399 diverse sources including international and regional newspapers, periodicals, biographies, public opinion polls, book reviews, pamphlets, and government information.

Middle Search Plus
Middle Search Plus provides full text for more than 140 popular, middle school magazines. Full text is also available for thousands of biographies and historical essays. Middle Search Plus also contains over 80,000 biographies, 100,000 primary source documents, photos, maps and flags.

World Book
This wonderful online encyclopedia has something to offer all levels of students. There are separate sections for information on inventions, early peoples, and living green. There is also a separate interactive section for teachers. This encyclopedia is also visually very appealing.

This website has a myriad of information including poetry, short stories, the Harvard Classics and US presidential inaugurals. It also has many reference sources such as Roberts Rules of Order, Lives of the Saints, and Bartlett’s Quotations.

Student Research Center 
EBSCO’s Student Research Center makes it easy for students to search by keyword or by topic to find the most useful search results. Results can be easily sorted by source type—magazines, reference books, photos, flags.

Statistical Abstract
Statistical Abstract of the United States, published since 1878, is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.

Information Please
Access an atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, timelines, country information and news on various topics.

Librarian’s Index to the Internet
Visit Internet sites that have been selected by librarians for quality. Search by subject or by categories specifically for children or teens.

Points of View
This database presents varying viewpoints on current topics such as immigration, human rights, government funding and foreign policy.