Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography (e-book)
This 27 volume e-book provides information on the professional lives of scientists through all periods from classical antiquity to modern times.

Science of Everyday Things (e-book)
This 4-volume set illustrates the importance of scientific and mathematical principles through their use in everyday life. Each volume focuses on a specific scientific discipline — biology, chemistry, earth sciences and physics. For topics such as air pressure or sound, the article first explains how the concept works and then has a section called “real life applications”.

World Book Inventions and Discoveries
Part of the World Book Encyclopedia, this database is arranged by topic (i.e. agriculture communications, medicine, transportation) or a person can use the search box. This wonderful source includes color photographs and videos.

U*X*L Encyclopedia of Biomes  3 volumes (e-book)
This e-book offers detailed information on biomes and their component ecosystems. It includes entries on land biomes and water biomes and covers climate, elevation, soil, vegetation, animal life, food web, and plant and animal adaptations.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Science  4 volumes  (e-book)
This e-book covers all major areas of science, engineering, technology, as well as mathematics and the medical and health sciences.

How Products are Made
Broken down into 7 volumes, each volume has an alphabetical list of items. Click on the topic to read a fairly long description, history of the item and description of the method of manufacturing.

World’s Biomes
This website has easy to understand information on the six different biomes across the world.

National Geographic
As expected, this website is lavishly illustrated with photographs. It includes articles and videos on some of the recent scientific discoveries from archaeology to space travel.

How stuff works
This website is a good source of information on topics as diverse as animals, automobile engines, computers, and geography.

World Book Living Green
This colorful and easy to use database contains information on building, transportation, consumer products and the many environmental effects on  wetlands, mountains, deserts, grasslands, and polar regions.

Science Buddies
Provides K-12 with ideas and details for science projects.