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Health & Medical

NIH Senior Health [1]
This government website contains health information designed specifically for seniors. It has an easy to use format and includes videos on topics of general interest.

MedlinePlus [2]
This government sponsored website contains information about diseases, conditions and wellness in easy to understand language. In English and Spanish.

WebMD [3]
WebMD is a consumer website with health and medical information including drug information and a physician directory.

Merck Home Health Handbook  [4]
This website  has extensive  information on diseases written in easy to understand language.

Cancer.gov  [5]
This government website contains information on various kinds of cancer, treatments, research and clinical trials.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [6]
This website includes information on diseases and also on other topics such as workplace safety, environmental concerns, global health and statistics.

Mayo Clinic [7]
Find information on hundreds of conditions. Check your symptoms.