Adult Education

Adult Education and Literacy Program of East Providence (AELPEP)


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We Offer:


English Classes (ESL)

—Three English as a Second Language Classes:    Meet 3-4hrs weekly

—English Conversation Class:   Meets 2 hrs a week

—English Language Lab:   Meets for 2.5 hrs a week

—Drop in Tutoring:  As needed

Distance Learning: Incorporated into each class


—Adult Education

Referral Services:  Daily

  Pre GED, GED, NEDP, College Transition, Workforce Development/Employment

  CCRI, RIC, RIRAL, LV East Bay, NetworkRI, EastBay Community Action Program, etc

—Educational Goal Counseling:  By appointment

Computer Basic Skills Classes: Meet once a month


—Contact us at 435-1988  or for information about our English classes held at Weaver Library and our Riverside Branch.
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