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Book Club Services

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The East Providence Public Library has been hosting at least one book club for more than 20 years!  Now we host five!  Each book club meets once a month and the discussions last approximately 1 1/2 hours.  Books are available  through the library.  Call  434-2453 ext. 17006, email eplibraryjoyce@yahoo.com [1], or stop in to see Joyce to learn if one of our book clubs is for you.  New members are always welcome to monthly discussions.  The year’s reading list is distributed at the September discussion.

 2014 – 2015

The Weaver Library Book Clubs                                    Tuesdays, 2PM and 7PM          

December 9      Work Song by Ivan Doig

2014-15 Weaver Tuesday Book Club List [2]


The Weaver Library Great Books Group              Thursdays,  12:30PM

December 18   “Crimes Against Humanities”   by  Leon Wieseltier

2014-15 Great Books list [3]


The Rumford  Book Club @ the Weaver Library       Wednesdays, 10:30AM        (New DAY!)

December 3     The School of Essential Ingredients  by Erica Bauermeister

2014-15 Rumford Book Club @ Weaver list [4]


The Weaver Library Sports Book Club                           Tuesdays, 7PM                 (New EVENING!)

December 16       Pete Rose: An American Dilemma by Kostya Kennedy

2014-15 Sports Book Club list [5]



 Take a look at what we have read in the past!

Weaver Library Book  Clubs  2013-14 List [6]  2012-13 List [7]  2011-12 List [8]
Rumford Book Club @ the Weaver Library!  2013-14 list [9]   2012-13 List [10]    2011-12 List [11]
Great Books Group @ the Weaver Library  2013-14 list [12]  2012-13 List  2011-12 List [13]
Sports Book Club  2013-14  [14]   2011-12 List [15]


  Need a title for book club tomorrow?  Consider our Book Club in a Bag! 

Make life a little easier and take advantage of Weaver Library’s Book Club in a Bag service.  The library can provide 10 copies of certain titles and a binder filled with information for a great discussion.  Carry the books to your group in a sturdy, zippered canvas bag. The Book Club in a Bag can be reserved in advance and checked out for 6 or more weeks.  Contact Joyce at 435-1986 or eplibraryjoyce@yahoo.com [1] for more details!

Also, let us know what your book club is reading!

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